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Nowhere to Go, Might as Well Grow

With the stay at home orders in place due to Covid-19, it can be hard to keep yourself happy and entertained. Gardening is a great way to take your mind off things, get Vitamin D (which is proven to be a great mood booster!), and make your outdoor space look great so that you can enjoy it while stuck at home. Here is a list of some veggies (to save you a grocery store visit!), flowers, and herbs that are ideal for planting this time of year!

1. Tomatoes: Salsa, pasta sauce, caprese salad....the options are endless! Here is a link for some tips for growing these guys:

2. Watermelon: Have you ever seen someone frown while eating watermelon? A slice even looks like a smile! Heres a link with some directions for growing this summer staple:

3. Parsley: This herb literally goes well with every dish. It's especially good in a pesto sauce or mixed in with a salad! Heres a link with some tips for growing parsley:

4. Sunflowers: Can you think of a happier looking flower? If you can't leave your home and enjoy your local botanical gardens you might as well turn your backyard into one! These are sure to make you smile every time you step outside. Heres a link to growing these beauties:

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