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Kyle Easley

The owner, Kyle Easley, was born and raised in Greenville, North Carolina. He first began to get into landscaping when he was 13 and would assist his cousin mowing lawns, weed eating, and more for some of their neighbors. When his cousin moved away for college, Kyle took over and continued it as a part time job up until graduating high school. Upon graduation, Kyle attended East Carolina University to get his business degree.  Staying in Greenville allowed him to expand and grow the landscaping business, and it is at this stage that it went from being a part time job to a company with many employees working for him.  He still currently has many of the clients that first hired him at the age of 13!


In 2014, Kyle moved part time to Raleigh, North Carolina to continue his education. He wanted to take courses at NC State University and Wake Tech that would give him a more extensive knowledge of the technical aspects of the landscaping business. While in Raleigh, he met a lot of people who wanted to hire him when they found out he was in the landscaping business. At first, he worked alone to complete these jobs but soon decided to expand his business to Raleigh and begin building a team there. 


Currently, Kyle divides his weeks between Raleigh and Greenville. He has built a team of employees that share the same passion for landscaping that he has, but that doesn't stop him from remaining incredibly hands on at every job! 

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